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Ed-2-Ed Professional Development

This PD gives Teacher Education faculty individual training, coaching, feedback and collaboration with award-winning educator, Chris Sperry. The methodology will motivate teacher ed. students to integrate inquiry-based critical thinking across their teaching.

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Our Approach

Our Constructivist Media Decoding approach gives pre-service educators practice leading analysis of diverse and engaging media documents tied to new standards that integrate critical thinking and literacy skills with core content knowledge.

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Free Lessons & Kits

We offer over 450 free lessons for media literacy integration at diverse levels and subjects. Our question-based structure with possible answers, teaching guidelines and classroom-ready materials is designed with pre-service teachers in mind.

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Our free lessons are designed with pre-service teachers in mind - to deliver inquiry-based media decoding activities at all grade levels and for diverse subject areas.
Our Ed2Ed PD supports Teacher Education faculty to integrate constructivist media decoding into their curriculum.

Artful facilitation of group discussion that motivates disenfranchised learners and gifted students through complex analysis of diverse perspectives and different forms of media

Integrating habits of inquiry, analysis and critical thinking into core content

Preparing engaging activities that are standards- and objectives-driven, facilitate self-reflection and metacognition, and make subject-area learning relevant

ED-2-ED: Our Unique PD Experience for Teacher Education Faculty

The initiative concludes with a final coaching session and plan for the ongoing integration of media literacy into the curriculum, including materials, resources and support.

This extensive and deeply engaging professional development program is offered at $950 for two semesters.

Semester 1:

The initiative begins with an Initial consultation between Chris Sperry and the faculty member(s) to define objectives and plan the semester.
Chris then presents a dynamic 60-90 minute interactive webinar to the class addressing the pedagogy & and practice of media literacy integration, with rich resource materials and the assignment for each student to develop their own 1-page Constructivist Media Decoding Activity Plan.
Chris works with the faculty member(s) to provide students with feedback on their activity plans prior to a 2nd 60-90 minute class where 2 student volunteers lead media decoding activities with Chris co-facilitating the debriefings.
Chris and the faculty member then consult on the 2nd semester plans.

Semester 2:

In the 2nd semester the faculty member leads the whole process with access to videos, rubrics, materials and guides from Project Look Sharp.
Chris coaches the faculty member(s) through each of the classes and with their feedback on student activity plans.
The initiative concludes with a final coaching session and plan for the ongoing integration of media literacy into your teacher ed. curriculum, including materials, resources and support.

“Chris Sperry is a very knowledgeable, insightful, creative, personable, and effective educator for and about critical media literacy.”
- Jeff Claus, retired professor of Teacher Education, Ithaca College