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As a part of Ithaca College, we are located in beautiful Upstate NY. We’d love to meet in person if you’re in the area!

Our Address:
Ithaca College
1119 Williams Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850-7290
(607) 274-3471

We’d Love to Hear from You

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of media literacy through engaging PD sessions for educators. If you’d like to learn more about our trainings and initiate a PD request, please use our tailored form specifically for this purpose.

PD Form

If you have a general question, would like to share a success story/suggestion, or are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the form below.
We look forward to hearing from you!


We love working with Ithaca College students from various disciplines! Each semester, we have opportunities to intern with us for credit along with paid work positions.

We are a program within the School of Humanities and Sciences. We are located in the center of campus in 104 Williams Hall.

We offer a variety of internships that attract students form a vast array of majors and minors.

Our internships can range from:

marketing and promoting our organization through social media and other creative avenues
data analytics and market research
helping us develop curriculum for K-16 educators
creating videos for our team to post on our website
researching 21st century learning tools or resources and designing website pages

Our internships are popular for many reasons:

You get to work with a really nice, dynamic and supportive team of people
You get to apply your learning and gain real-world experience, which is attractive for employers
You receive foundational training sessions in media literacy from well-known experts in the field
The internships are hosted here on campus which allows for greater flexibility in your schedule, and is often a much more affordable option

Internships can be taken between two to three credits (60hrs per credit), with an average of 8 hours each week.

If you are interested in completing an internship, be sure to check with your department to see if you are eligible to do it for credit. You may need to complete paperwork, attend some prerequisite sessions, and establish an advisor from your department.

To apply for an internship, complete our form linked below. Selected applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview. You will be notified via email, so check your inbox regularly!

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