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How Much Does College Cost?

Students analyze graphs reporting statistics on the cost of college from different sources, applying mathematical, economic and media literacy frameworks.

Grade Level: High School, College
Subject: Math, Economics, ELA/English Language Arts

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Global Perspectives Through Movie Posters

Students analyze pairs of movie posters advertising the same film for different national audiences for messages about cultural perspectives and design choices.

Grade Level: Middle School, High School
Subject: Visual Arts, Film/Video Arts, Commercial Arts/Advertising, Consumer Education, Global Studies, Sociology, General Media Literacy, Library/Information Literacy, ELA/English Language Arts

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America: Through Music Videos

Students analyze excerpts from music videos about America for messages about identity, media forms and historical and cultural context.

Grade Level: Middle School, High School, College
Subject: Film/Video Arts, Music, US History And Government, Global Studies, Sociology, ELA/English Language Arts

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Striking a Chord: Using Media to Protest the Critical Issues of Our Time

Protests have played a critical role in our country’s history – and they provide important opportunities for media literacy, both in terms of analyzing the way media have covered different types of protests and in the use of media by protestors to get their messages across.

Pride and Protest

With June designated as LGBTQ Pride Month, the analysis of media messages about gender and sexual identities is particularly relevant – including lessons in the unit on Gay Liberation in the curriculum kit, "Media Constructions of Social Justice."

It’s Different This Time

In a deeply personal blog post, Project Look Sharp’s Executive Director reflects on the roles that media have played in bringing us face-to-face with racial violence and police brutality, and how her own lived experience as a media literacy educator in a family of color have made a difference.

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