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Educators who have used these materials have provided the following feedback and suggestions based on their experiences with students. If you would like to provide feedback, send your name, position, and comments to: pls_feedback@ithaca.edu<\/a><\/p>\n

David Rhodes<\/span>, HS History Teacher, The Alternative School for Math & Science<\/h2>

In my middle school history class, we used the materials related to the most recent election in the following way: 1. Decode the election documents posted on the Look Sharp website. 2. Students each chose a topic of interest from a list of issues and researched the positions of different candidates by finding quotes from the candidates and thinking critically about sources of those quotes. 3. Split the class into groups of 3-4.  In each group, the first student presents their topic and what they found out about the views of the different candidates. The other students share their reflections\/perspectives on the topic presented while the presenter focuses exclusively on seeking to understand the views of their peers. The presenter reflects on the different positions\/perspectives and decides where they stand, identifying what additional information would be important to inform their position. 4. The same process is followed until all students have had a chance to present their topic.<\/p>\r\n\r\n