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Global Media Perspectives

High School through College - this kit provides the materials and background information needed to engage students in a dynamic and constructive process of learning how global media perspectives differ based on country of production, media source, target audience, and political and social context. There are five lessons representing important issues and media documents from: Africa (news and documentary film clips about the food crisis), Latin America (editorial cartoons about immigration), Europe (news and documentary film clips about Islam and cultural identity), India (magazine covers about India's rise in the global economy), and Southeast Asia (websites concerning Islamic majorities and minorities).
All materials are free and classroom-ready, including: overviews, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, and all digital media.
  • To download all materials, use the Action navigation button below. To download particular lessons only, navigate to and select the particular lesson to display the individual elements.
  • To purchase a flash drive with all print material and digital files, please contact 607-274-3471.
Be sure to read the kit introductory material located in the top left column.
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Islam and Cultural Identity in Europe
Latin American Immigration in Editorial Cartoons
Food Crisis in Africa
India's Rise in the Global Economy
Islamic Majorities and Minorities

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