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Media Constructions of the Middle East

High School through College - this kit covers stereotyping of Arab people, the Arab/Israeli conflict, the war in Iraq and militant Muslim movements. Students will learn core information and vocabulary about the historical and contemporary Middle East issues that challenge stereotypical, simplistic and uninformed thinking, and political and ethical issues involving the role of media in constructing knowledge, evaluating historical truths, and objectivity and subjectivity in journalism.
All materials are free and classroom-ready, including: overviews, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, and all digital media.
  • To download all materials, use the Action navigation button below. To download particular lessons only, navigate to and select the particular lesson to display the individual elements.
  • To purchase a flash drive with all print material and digital files, please contact 607-274-3471.
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Same Land- Different Histories
May 14 1948: Independence or Catastrophe?
1967: Deepening the Divide
Whose Fear and Whose Security?
Singing the Struggle
The Politics of Maps
Background History: Conflicting Timelines
TV Totalitarianism
Media Coverage of the Gulf War
The War in Editorial Cartoons
Covering the War
"Celebration" or "Protest"?
The Jessica Lynch Rescue: News, Propaganda or Entertainment
War Crimes at Abu Ghraib- Showing Photos?

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